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To ensure that employees work in a healthy and safe work environment, employers are required to ensure that there is effective emergency preparedness and planning. 

What are Fire Blankets?

A large fire blanket is one of the most effective, easy, and quick ways for small fires to be suppressed when they occur at work or in the home environment. A fire safety blanket is what the name suggests, it is made according to safety standards and can withstand common fires at high heat.

The blanket is designed to remove the oxygen supply from the fire, subsequently smothering it before it can spread and lead to a larger disaster. They can be used on burning combustible materials, electrical equipment, kitchen fires, cooking oils, and others.

In addition to this function, it can also be used by those caught in a fire, giving them protection, and minimizing burns while escaping the room or building.

Fire Blankets

How to use a Fire Blanket

Extinguish a Fire

Blankets are kept in compact bags that have tabs that must be pulled down to release the blanket.

  1. Pull the tabs to release the blanket
  2. Roll the corners over your hands to protect them from the fire
  3. Gently lay the blanket over the fire.
  4. Keep the blanket on the fire for at least 15 minutes and the blanket cool before removing it.


If an oven or stove is the source of the fire, make sure that you turn it off completely before trying to extinguish the fire. Refrain from using a Fire Safety blanket if the fire is out of control and make sure to alert emergency services immediately.


Grease fires in the Kitchen

Most restaurants have fire equipment in the workplace as a safety measure in case of fires caused by cooking equipment. Woollen fire safety blankets are typically used when putting out kitchen or grease fires and they must be kept in a convenient location in case of an emergency.


Indoor or Electrical Fires

Poor electrical wiring or overheated and damaged cords can easily lead to electrical fires. Woollen fire blankets are often used to extinguish electrical and domestic fires.


Industry and the workplace

Workplace fire safety measures will always include fire safety equipment. Depending on the type of work being conducted, fire safety blankets can form part of the overall fire equipment in addition to fire extinguishers, hydrants, and hose reels.

Fibreglass blankets are typically used in industries and workplaces because they can withstand high temperatures.


Putting out a clothes fire

To extinguish clothing fires, wrap a fire safety blanket around the person whose clothes are burning and roll them up in the blanket until they are covered. Have the person completely stop, drop, and roll to effectively extinguish the fire.

How to care for a Fire Blanket

Even though it does not have an expiry date, they should still receive care and maintenance to keep them in safe working condition if an emergency occurs.

They are preferably stored in quick-release containers, and these must be placed in areas where there are fire hazards. Access to the fire safety blanket must be unobscured and everyone in the area must know how to use them.

After the blanket has been used it must be disposed of as it is not reusable. Before discarding , wait until it has cooled completely before throwing it away.

Fire Blankets

Pros and Cons of Fire Blankets



They do not have an expiration date

They are not effective for large fires

They can be used on humans

Fibreglass blankets can feel prickly because of the sharp fibres, requiring additional personal protective equipment

They are less messy to clean up as opposed to fire extinguishers

You need to get close to the fire which may be dangerous

They cause less damage to appliances and equipment

They are not reusable

They are not corrosive


They are easy and safe to use if the safety steps are followed when using them


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What is a fire blanket?

It is a piece of firefighting equipment used to extinguish a fire in its beginning or initial stage.


Can I use a fire blanket on a person whose clothes are on fire?

Yes, you can.


What are fire blankets made of?

They are typically made from woven fibreglass material, wool, or cotton in a silicone-based fire-retardant coating.


Where must I keep my fire blanket?

In areas where there is the likelihood of a fire occurring.


Posted date: 5th Nov 2021
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