SafetyWallet – A Health and Safety Compliance boost for Employers

(Q&A with Leon van der Walt, Managing Director - ‎MAKROSAFE Holdings (Pty) Ltd)

What options do businesses have when joining SafetyWallet?

When joining SafetyWallet, depending on the size of the business and the number of employees present per branch, employers are slotted into one of the four circles, namely:

  • Friend Circle – 1 to 50 employees per branch.
  • Family Circle – 51 to 100 employees per branch.
  • Champion Circle – 101 to 300 employees per branch, and
  • Pinnacle Club where there are more than 300 employees per branch.

What support can an employer expect from SafetyWallet in their Health and Safety Programme?

SafetyWallet offers employers with support and rewards according to the following four components comprised in Health and Safety in Industry and Commerce, namely:

What is the Health and Safety Programme solution provided on the SafetyWallet platform?

This is subjected to the level of commitment, risk exposure and the employers needs with regards to Health and Safety, and when determined, SafetyWallet offers the following solutions:

  • Self Help – which motivates employers to take ownership of their own health and safety programme by making use of the OHS Online platform for the implementation and maintenance of the programme.
  • Outsourcing Health and Safety Services – through the partnership between SafetyWallet and MAKROSAFE, employers are provided with assistance in their Health and Safety needs through the provision of further support.

Self Help

In taking ownership of their own Health and Safety Programme, employers are provided with access to OHS Online, which is a cloud-based Health and Safety Management system which is available to all members or SafetyWallet regardless of their circle.

This platform, along with the employer’s dedicated Support Manager assists employers in the following, and more:

  • Health and Safety Organisation and Communication which includes policies, legal appointments, Safe Operating Procedures, and more.
  • Policy and Procedure templates.
  • Covid-19 information, guidance, and assistance.
  • Risk Assessment templates.
  • Training, and more.