SafetyWallet for Employers – Easy Commitment and Implementation of Health and Safety Programmes

Health and Safety in the Workplace

Through the years, as industries have grown, developed, and expanded, the Health and Safety of employees has become more imperative than ever.

It is not something that can be taken lightly, and there are strict rules and regulations in place to ensure that businesses comply with every aspect as the well-being of employees, and thus the employer, is paramount.

There are numerous hazards present in work environments today, and the employer is tasked with the responsibility of ensuring that their employees are kept safe from these hazards.

It is so imperative that there are Occupational Safety Standards and regulations that have been set by the Occupational Health and Safety Act, otherwise more commonly known as the OHS Act.

When considering the safety and health of employees, these standards and regulations are important for a wide variety of reasons, some of which include, but is not limited to:

  • Prevent illness and injury
  • The reduction of Health and Safety Hazards
  • The avoidance of serious consequences, and more.

SafetyWallet and Employers’ commitment towards Health and Safety, and the implementation of Health and Safety Programmes

SafetyWallet caters for employers not only in providing the perfect, user-friendly platform for the establishing a Health and Safety Programme to effectively implement and maintain such, but it also offers adequate support from start to finish in the pursuit of such.

SafetyWallet, along with its partners, OHS Online and MAKROSAFE, provide extensive and comprehensive solutions not only to ensure the compliance of Health and Safety regulations, but also a platform for the improvement of such.

The support and rewards provided by SafetyWallet consist of four components of Health and Safety in Industry and Commerce, namely:

SafetyWallet currently already has thousands of members within South Africa, and that number is growing, as a result of the comprehensive and extensive support, services, solutions, and the rewards provided by SafetyWallet.

The process involved with obtaining and ensuring Health and Safety compliance can be a labour-intensive and tedious mission to embark on and long-term commitment towards this is not always guaranteed as the upholding of compliance can be just as tedious.

To combat this, and to make the process significantly easier for employers, SafetyWallet focuses on the support and assisting of employers in their Health and Safety compliance in an array of industries.

Members are supported every step of the way with the purpose of helping both industry and commerce create and maintain safer and healthier working environments so employers who become members are covered in the continuous umbrella framework of SafetyWallet.

Working conditions and situations change and these changes have an impact on the environments provided by employers, with SafetyWallet and its professional staff, employers can be assured that they have Health and Safety support despite changes.

By joining SafetyWallet, employers can play a crucial role in improving the future of Occupational Health and Safety in South Africa and they can gain access to a variety of rewards while working towards full compliance.

Health and Safety Programme

The Health and Safety Programme provided by SafetyWallet serves the purpose of:

  • Protecting employers and employees in the event of criminal and civil liability and minimizing the likelihood thereof.
  • Reducing incidents in the workplace to ensure employees return home safely.
  • Providing adequate support by appointing a dedicated SafetyWallet Support Manager.
  • Providing options for Self-Help where members can take ownership of their own Health and Safety Programme.
  • Outsourcing Health and Safety Services.
  • Providing a cost-effective way to ensure Health and Safety compliance.
  • Providing members with rewards determined by their level of compliance and their efforts towards improving such.

When an employer becomes a member of SafetyWallet, they are provided with a dedicated Support Manager in providing support on aspects that includes, but is not limited to:

  • Health and Safety Matters which are addressed by a dedicated OHS Professional.
  • Monthly Newsletters.
  • Weekly updates pertaining to legislation.
  • Covid-19 assistance, guidance, and support.
  • OHS Online Health and Management System.
  • Department of Employment and Labour, or DoEL, enquiries.
  • DoEL Incident Investigation in accordance with the OHS Act. Section 24 – Investigation.
  • Injuries On Duty, or IOD, management, and more.