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How do I get a contractor I've used, added to my Contractor Register in OHS Online?

That's a very good question and a very important one too! To add a contractor, you've used, in OHS Online, you need to access the Contractor Approval option from the Contractors drop-down option in the Registers option on the main Menu Bar. When the Contractor Approval option is selected, the Contractor Approval page will appear:

Once in the Contractor Approval page, you will see it is essentially made up of four main parts. The first part provides you with instructions about how to put forward a contractor for vetting; the second part provides you with instructions and details on how to do this and what will happen in the process; the third part is the function for finding and adding a contractor to be vetted and the fourth part lists contractors you have added to be vetted as well as their status in the process.

When adding a contractor, you have used, follow the details in parts 1 and 2. Use the search function to find the contractor and then click on the blue Add button to add the contractor to your vetting list and once in the list, upload your proof of use of the contractor. You will be notified of the outcome, once the contactor has been vetted. If they are valid, the contractor will automatically be added to your Contractor Register.