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How do the link buttons in a contractor

That's another good question! The link buttons are there as a visual way of showing what YOUR relationship is with the contractor you are viewing. There are four main statuses to these buttons and these statuses change according to your relationship with the contractor:

1/. Where you have no relationship with the contractor, you will see the 'Add to My Contractors' button displayed. This button is an active button, which allows you to click on it if you wish to add the contractor to your profile. 
2/. Once you have clicked on the 'Add to My Contractors' button, its status will change to 'Waiting' button (an inactive link button), meaning that you are awaiting the outcome of the contractor vetting process. 
3/. Once the vetting process has been completed successfully, you will see the 'Confirmed' button (also an inactive link button) against the contractor, meaning that you now have a relationship with that contractor (you have used them for some type of service). 
4/. In cases where you have submitted a contractor for approval and this has been denied, you will see a 'Denied' button (also an inactive link button):