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How does the Contractor Details tab work in OHS Online?

The Contractor Details tab deals with details about your profile as a contractor. This page is very important because the details included here play role in your contractor profile when it is displayed in the Contractor Listing on OHS Online. Let's take a closer look at the Contractor Details, breaking it down into portions to explain its workings better:

Some of the fields you will see, are greyed out. This is because their information is pulled through from other fields, populated in earlier parts of OHS Online. Other fields you will see, are open fields, which means you can add data to them yourself. The importance of these fields is described in the table below:

The last part of the Contractor Details tab displays the status of your Letter of Good Standing (LOGS). This document is important since it confirms that your required payments to the Commissioner towards the Workmen's Compensation fund, are up to date and that you are in good standing with the Commissioner. This portion displays details about your LOGS, if it is present in OHS Online. If it isn't you are able to add your LOGS here: