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I want to use a contractor from the Contractor and Supplier Directory in OHS Online but the contractor

You've asked a very important question here! Unfortunately, this is not a system fault with OHS Online. It's actually a data problem (lack of data to be precise) which is linked to the contractor and their profile. It means that when the contractor was setup, they did not provide details for a contact, their email or their website address, so OHS Online cannot display the details you need to contact them.

This is why it's very important that when you setup your branch profile on OHS Online, you include these details in your profile (so you don't lose out on any potential business). These details also pull through to the Contractor Directory in SafetyWallet as well. If you are not sure if your details for this are up to date, go to Contractor Details tab in your Branches option, from the Clients option in the main Menu Bar. If they are blank, get them filled in so that potential clients can contact you:

If you do come across contractors with missing details, this is where you can help us! Drop us a line and let us know who the contractor is. You can email us at contact@ohsonline.co.za or even contact us via hangout and let us know the contractor's name. We'll get in touch with them and let them know that they are potentially losing business leads. Thanks in advance!