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Legal Appointments

What are the main requirements for a legal appointment letter in OHS Online?

A good question! When a legal appointment is made, there are a number of details the letter should include, in order for the letter clear, transparent and valid. These main requirements are as follows:

1/. The name of the entity must be indicated. 
2/. The name of the person being appointed and their designation must be stated. 
3/. The area of responsibility of the person being appointed, must be stated. 
4/. The scope of authority (the duties) of the person being appointed must be stated. 
5/. The name of or the designation of the person who the appointee reports to, must be stated. 
6/. The period for which the appointment is valid must be stated. 
7/. The name and designation of the person making the appointment must be stated. 
8/. The signatures of the appointer and appointee must be present.