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What details do I need to give to make sure my contractor profile is correct in the Contractor and Supplier Directory and what fields in OHS Online do I need to add these details to?

A very good question and a very important one too! There are a number of important details which you need to provide to make sure your contractor profile is correct. These are as follows:

1/. Contact Name - this would be the name of the person in your company who would manage new sales or services to clients. 
2/. Contact Number - obviously, if we have a name, we also need a number so this person can be contacted. 
3/. Contact Email - again, if we have a name, you might want prospective clients to email the person instead or phoning. 
4/. Website Address - advertise yourself! If you have a website address, use it! Give the potential client the opportunity to see what else you offer and to find out a bit more about your company. 
5/. Keywords - you need to be found! You know best what your business does, so choose up to 15 keywords that you'd like our business to be searched under. 
6/. Administrator - Although this is not directly required in the contractor profile, you may need someone to keep details updated and current. So, we've provided fields for this person too!

Now that you know what details are required, let's show you where these details need to be added in OHS Online. These details will be found in the Contractor Details tab, in the Branches section, in the Clients option from the main Menu Bar: