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Hours Worked

What does the Hours Worked register do in OHS Online?

Ah, that's a very good question! The Hours Worked register is where you'll find details of the total monthly hours' employees have worked at the branch, together with the number of incidents which have occurred during the period and the number of days of work lost over that same period. These details are very important because they allow you to determine your Disabling Injury Frequency Rate (DIFR) and Disabling Injury Severity Rate (DISR) for the branch:

The Hours Worked register is split into three parts. The first part dynamically displays the last twelve (12) months of your employee data, with each row displaying details for a particular month in that year. The listing is dynamic in that it always reflects the last twelve (12) months of employee data from the current month you access the register. Details contained in each row include the total number of working hours, the number of employees (at the branch), the date the data is entered, the number of incidents and the number of days lost to injuries.

The second part is the reporting part, which allows you to create your DIFR report graph or your DISR report graph.

The third and final part is a list which displays monthly data in a similar way to the first list, with two differences; it is not dynamic, so it records all your months data, from the initial month of recording data and it provides a summary of the incidences for each month: