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As an OHS Online user, what happens to the findings I make in an inspection?

Another important question! When an inspection is conducted and findings are noted, these findings are not only recorded in the inspection checklist of the inspection but are also added to your Action Request (AR) report:

Let's use the example of the finding we saw earlier, which referred to the incorrect use of an electrical extension cord. In it, the finding noted that the extension cord was overloaded and so created a danger. Here's the finding in our inspection checklist:

This is important because the Action Request (AR) Report is the document you use to fix any findings you get in OHS Online. When your inspection finding appears in your AR Report, your compliance drops. The finding remains there until you fix it. Once you've fixed it, the finding is removed from your AR Report and your compliance will increase. This idea is true for any inspection findings you raise during the course of your workplace inspections.