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In OHS Online, what is a W.Cl.2 – Employer’s Report of an Accident form and how do I use it?

Yes, that's a good question to ask! The W.Cl.2 - Employer's Report of an Accident form is the initial document required by the Compensation Commissioner for reporting the details of an IOD occurring in the workplace. It is more commonly referred to as a W.Cl.2 form.

The W.Cl.2 form consists of two main parts, to be filled in; Part A and Part B. Part A, pages 1-3, must be filled in by the employer and retained on file. A copy of this must be submitted to the Compensation Commissioner, as part of the required documentation to be sent, within seven (7) days of the IOD occurring. Part B is a duplicate of Part A, which must also be filled in. Page 1 must be given to the injured person to take with them when they initially see the doctor or medical practitioner. This is very important!