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In OHS Online, what is a W.Cl.4 – First Medical Report form and how do I use it?

That's another good question! The W.Cl.4 - First Medical Report form is another of the initial document required by the Compensation Commissioner when reporting the details of an IOD occurring in the workplace. It is more commonly referred to as a W.Cl.4 form.

The W.Cl.4 form is completed by the doctor and provides details of the actual injuries he or she diagnoses, on seeing the injured employee initially. The doctor provides a copy of the W.Cl.4 form to the employee, who must return this to his or her employer, so it can be submitted to the Compensation Commissioner, as part of the required documentation to be sent:

Once the employee has visited the doctor for an initial consultation and diagnosis, make sure that the employee provides you with the copy of the W.Cl.4 form. Make a copy of this yourself and keep this on record and then submit the W.Cl.4 form to the Compensation Commissioner.