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In OHS Online, what is an Annexure 1 Report and how do I use it?

A very good question! An Annexure 1 Report is a document which is used for recording and investigating an incident in the workplace, whenever an incident occurs, which is considered a Section 24 incident or which requires any type of medical treatment other than first aid. Despite this, it is often common practice to record incidents where first aid is administered in an Annexure 1 Report.

An Annexure 1 Report is a legal requirement, referred to in Section 9(1) of the General Administrative Regulations and all Annexure 1 Reports must be kept on file for a minimum of three (3) years.

An Annexure 1 Report is split into four main sections; section A, which records details of the incident; section B, which provides a brief description of the investigation into the incident; section C, which describe the steps taken by the employer to prevent a recurrence of the incident; and section D, which describes any remarks made by the H&S Committee:

As you can see, the last section refers to the involvement of the H&S Committee. It is important that each Annexure 1 Report is reviewed by the H&S Committee so that communication of the incident and its corrective measures, can be made upwards to management and downwards to employees in the workplace.