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When creating a task to add to OHS Online, what format are the hazards written in?

Okay, next part! Hazards are sorted under a set of specific categories and then written in a particular way too, when they are described. Let's look at the categories part first. In the table below, the main categories we use are listed, together with a brief description of what they cover:

When the hazard is described, an objective description and generalisation is used to identify it and then it is linked to the task title, to make it specific. The hazard type itself is also separated from its description by a colon, to highlight the type hazard being described: 

Electrical Hazard: Person exposed to live exposed electrical wires, leads or connections while using a splicing machine 
Fire Hazard: Person exposed to flammable battery acid from leaking battery pack while using a splicing machine Thermal Hazard: Person exposed to hot surfaces of splicing machine parts while using a splicing machine 
Chemical Hazard: Person exposed to chemical battery components while using a splicing machine