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Hours Worked

In OHS Online, why are some of the rows in the Hours Worked Register marked red in colour while others are not?

Ah, you noticed that did you? Good spotting! You are quite right; some rows are highlighted in red while others aren't. This is an automated function which OHS Online runs when no employee data is added for that month.

Unfortunately, this aspect of health and safety is often overlooked, so often, very little data gets inputted here. When this happens, there is no data available to generate the Disabling Injury Frequency Rate (DIFR) and Disabling Injury Severity Rate (DISR) graphs and they end up displaying errors or inaccurate information. To counter this, if no data is entered before the 25th day of the month and the fields are blank, OHS Online automatically populates the month's row with standard industry data on the 25th day of the month. When it does this, it highlights the row in red to indicate the data added is not accurate data but rather industry standard data. Although this is not perfect solution, it creates a better outcome than there being no data present: