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As an OHS Online user, why is conducting inspections in the workplace important?

This is a very good and important question! By conducting regular inspections in the workplace, accidents, injuries or illnesses can be avoided. Inspections help to identify and record hazards and allows corrective actions to be taken to prevent an accident occurring.

We all know that when a piece of equipment, such as a ladder, is used often and repeatedly, it eventually wears, weakens or even breaks. Alternately, when work is conducted in an area, items get moved out of position or waste debris gets missed and left unattended. In both these cases, potential hazards arise which can cause an accident or injury.

By conducting regular inspections, the signs of wear or tear on the article can be identified or the debris is identified. Once it's identified, corrective action; such as removing the ladder from use until it's repaired or cleaning up the debris, can be taken, thereby preventing the accident.