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Why is it important to add data into OHS Online?

Ahh, you've raised a very important point here! In fact, it's a fundamental which will determine how much you get out of using OHS online. OHS Online is a powerful database for your health and safety, however it is only as powerful as the data it contains. The power to use the data is already there, present in the design of OHS Online. You, as the user, have to add the data to it, to make it the power-house it is. Not only is the adding of data important but also, the accuracy of the data.

In many of the functions and tools which you may use in OHS Online, they work by locating data in your profile and pulling this data through to the specific function or tool. The output of this function or tool will depend on the data which it has pulled through, which will depend on the data you have added in the first place. If the data is good, the output you get will be correct and the information displayed useful to you. If the data is not good, then you will get an output which is not correct and the information will not be useful to you.

This concept will repeat itself again and again within the system, so the general rule-of-thumb; make sure your OHS Online profile is populated with the correct data and that you maintain this data!