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What can I expect from my SafetyWallet membership?

So, what can you expect from your SafetyWallet membership? Well, being a SafetyWallet member entitles you to a whole host of great benefits. Most of all, you are continually rewarded for your commitment to health and safety and making your workplace a safer and healthier place. On top of this, you have access to the following important benefits:

1/. Membership Certificate 
Be proud to show employees and clients alike that you are part of a unique membership, committed to ensuring your workplace is healthy and safe. 
2/. OHS Online Cloud-Based Health and Safety Management System 
Take advantage of secure, cloud-based technology to store, manage and retrieve all your health and safety information and needs, while using great tools to help you do this. 
3/. 26 Health and Safety E-learning Training Modules 
Maximise health and safety awareness of your employees, using these powerful training modules, which can be accessed at the click of a button, at your desktop, anytime. No classrooms, no fuss! 
4/. 1200 Task Templates with Associated Hazards and Risks 
Tap into a continually growing library of specific workplace tasks, covering a multitude of industries, allowing you to create, manage and review your risk assessment easily and effectively. 
5/. Legal Appointment Letter Templates 
Update and manage your legal safety appointments quickly and easily and with the minimum of effort, using our up-to-date appointment templates, aligned to current legislation. 
6/. 46 Inspection Checklists and Mobile App 
Make inspecting your workplace quick and effortless with our android mobile app, our specific inspection checklists and the powerful support of its cloud-based support system, OHS Online. 
7/. Contractors Control and Management Support 
Select like-minded safety-conscious contractors to use on your premises from our unique contractor listing. Learn how to control them, while they are on-site, using our exclusive contractor control tools. Gain new business by being part of a unique database which exposes you to hundreds of potentially new clients. As a member you are automatically added to our contractor listing! 
8/. Toolbox Talks 
Use our toolbox talks as refreshers or to reinforce health and safety in your workplace. 
9/. Safety Alerts 
Receive regular safety alert updates, containing useful and important safety tips and updates. 
10/. Weekly Legislative Updates 
Keep up-to-date with the latest legislative changes, applicable to you and your industry. 
11/. Telephonic Support 
Help is on a phone call away, with access to telephonic support on health and safety matters, affecting your company. Alternatively, help need only be a click away with access to our Whatsup support. 
12/. Workmen's Compensation Assistance 
Gain access to assistance with all your Workmen's Compensation needs and get us to help you save more by applying for return rebates and discounts.