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The SafetyWallet membership programme encourages and rewards employers for being compliant to the Occupational Health and Safety Act, all other relevant Legislation, Regulations, Standards and Metropolitan / Municipal Bi-Laws relating to Occupational Health and Safety within the workplace.

We help you understand how compliant you are, provide tools and support to ensure you can improve your Health and Safety compliance whilst offering great rewards to motivate you along the way.

Our Mission

To encourage and reward employers for being committed to Health and Safety by supporting and providing the organisation with a total Health and Safety Solution, whether it be internally or through the SafetyWallet Partners programme.


A cost effective, compliant Healthy and Safe work environment benefiting all employers in all industries within the South African economy.

In Partnership with

INCLUDED in the SafetyWallet membership fee are the following benefits:

  1. Membership Certificate.
  2. OHS Online Cloud Based Health and Safety Management System.
  3. 26 Health and Safety E-learning Training modules.
  4. 1200 (continually growing) Task Templates with associated Hazards and Risks to the specific task.
  5. Legal appointment letter templates available in accordance with current legislation.
  6. 46 Inspection checklists can also be done via the OHS online mobile app that is easily downloaded onto any android mobile device.
  7. Contractors control and management support.
  8. Toolbox talks.
  9. Safety alerts.
  10. Weekly Legislative updates on applicable legislation.
  11. Workman compensation compliance verification and applications for rebates.
  12. Telephonic support on all Health and Safety matters pertaining to your company or, if you prefer, contact us on:


Friend Circle

  • Monthly Membership Fee R650
  • SafetyWallet Membership Reward 25%
  • Audit Discount Reward (for SafetyWallet Membership)80%
  • Employees 1 – 50

Family Circle

  • Monthly Membership Fee R1300
  • SafetyWallet Membership Reward 30%
  • Audit Discount Reward (for SafetyWallet Membership)80%
  • Employees 51 – 100

Champion Circle

  • Monthly Membership Fee R2500
  • SafetyWallet Membership Reward 35%
  • Audit Discount Reward (for SafetyWallet Membership)80%
  • Employees 101 – 300

Pinnacle Club

  • Monthly Membership Fee R3500
  • SafetyWallet Membership Reward 40%
  • Audit Discount Reward (for SafetyWallet Membership)80%
  • Employees >300
*Pricing applies per branch

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By becoming a member of one of the four SafetyWallet membership reward circles namely :

  • Friend Circle
  • Family Circle
  • Champion Circle
  • Pinnacle Club

You immediately qualify for the specific Reward discounts as per the specific membership circle you join.

(Membership Rewards)

Friend Circle


Family Circle


Champion Circle


Pinnacle Circle


Once your annual Health and Safety Compliance audit is done, your SafetyWallet Compliance level Rewards can be activated. This is based on what your current compliance status is, as determined by the outcome of your Health and Safety Audit.

A detailed report with the Executive summary of your compliance audit will highlight what your next step will be in order to increase your Health and Safety Compliance. By increasing your compliance, you lower your risk and ensure more lucrative rewards.

(Compliance Rewards)

Aditional SafetyWallet Rewards can be achieved based on the number of your contractors who become members of SafetWallet.

(Contractor Rewards)

SafetyWallet is only one click away. Should you need assistance, at any given moment, on any Health and Safety services available, don’t hesitate to give us a call for professional assistance and advice.

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