Health & Safety Culture Transformation, Mindset, and Behaviour Coaching Course

What is the Health and Safety Culture Transformation, Mindset, and Behaviour Coaching Course?

The Health and Safety Culture Transformation, Mindset, and Behaviour Coaching Course is a comprehensive programme designed to help organisations establish a culture of safety in the workplace. It goes beyond mere legal compliance and focuses on fostering a proactive and positive mindset towards health and safety. Led by experienced coaches, participants learn valuable skills to involve stakeholders, provide effective training, recognise safe behaviours, and drive continuous improvement.

Who will benefit from this course?

The course is suitable for professionals across industries who are responsible for health and safety, including managers, supervisors, and safety officers. It equips them with the necessary skills to create a robust safety culture within their organisations. SafetyWallet subscribers not only get a discount for the course but also can benefit by accessing a range of policies, procedures, and practices for effective health and safety culture change management. Our Comprehensive Certified Coaching Course is designed to provide international certification and equip you with the skills and knowledge needed to become a successful coach.


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How is the course delivered, and what is the timeframe?

The course is delivered online in a drip-feed format, allowing participants to focus on one lesson per day. This delivery method ensures better comprehension and implementation of the course content. With a commitment of just 30 minutes to 1 hour per day, participants can easily fit the course into their busy schedules. The entire course takes approximately 3 months to complete, covering modules that address various aspects of health and safety culture transformation and mindset coaching.

What coaching techniques are covered, and how are they applicable in the workplace?

The course provides participants with practical coaching techniques that can be directly applied in the workplace. These techniques focus on shifting behaviours, thoughts, decisions, and reactions to promote a culture of safety among staff members. By developing these skills, participants can create improved health and safety outcomes within their organisations.