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OHS Online is a cloud based Health and Safety Management system and available to all SafetyWallet subscribers.

The OHS Online cloud based health and safety management system together with your dedicated SafetyWallet support manager will assist you to reach Health and Safety compliance as well as the day-to-day management of your Health and Safety in the workplace.

25 Reasons “WHY” SafetyWallet subscribers choose OHS Online to implement and manage their Health and Safety at work.

  1. Cost-effectiveness - OHS Online does not charge per user meaning multiple users can access and work with OHS Online at a business.


  1. Companies with more than one site can be hosted in the system allowing the management team to oversee the Health and Safety activities for multiple locations.


  1. Accessible via the cloud - all role players who are set up as a users can view or manage their Health and Safety activities in real time.


  1. The Triple P Health and Safety Management system. - OHS Online hosts the Triple P HSMS which allows a business to implement all the relevant Policies, Procedures and Practices for Health and Safety compliance with the support from SafetyWallet team members.


  1. The SafetyWallet Contractor and Supplier Directory - OHS Online allows SafetyWallet subscribers to search for specific services or products they need from other SafetyWallet subscribers, much like a search engine for suppliers.


  1. Registers - Everything from Employees, Contractors to Departments can be generated in the system.


  1. Permit to Work - OHS Online hosts a Permit to work system including a specific risk assessment to be conducted on the scope relevant to the permit for safe work to be conducted by contractors and employees alike.


  1. Health and Safety appointment letters - OHS Online provides the functionality for Appointment Letters to be created with the company details included, saving time and effort.


  1. Every company profile set up in OHS Online is done according to the business's specific industry type, allowing for detailed Health and Safety Audits to be conducted based on the Occupational Health and Safety Act and its Regulations, as well as, National Standards and Bylaws.


  1. Legislative updates - OHS Online is updated automatically as legislative changes occur, creating piece of mind for SafetyWallet subscribers regarding their legal compliance.


  1. Legal Registers - Once a Health and Safety Compliance Audit is completed on a business, a Health and Safety Legal Register can be created and verified by a certified attorney.


  1. OHS Online's Risk Assessment is simple to use and ensures continuous improvement.


  1. Tasks and activities can be selected from a growing library of more than 2000 tasks and activities, with each task and activity having a preloaded template, with all possible hazards associated to the task and all the applicable risks associated with the hazard. Additionally, all possible control measures are linked to each task or activity, which can be edited and adjusted to ensure accuracy for risk management.


  1. Inspections - all control measure inspections are generated from the Risk Assessment and each control measure is linked back to the Health and Safety Compliance audit, providing a true reflection of your Health and Safety Compliance.


  1. Health and Safety Inspections - You can select from a library of 160 inspections and customise each Health and Safety Inspection to suit your specific needs.


  1. All Health and Safety Inspections can be done on the OHS Online mobile application.


  1. All the inspection questions are linked to the Compliance Audit and when actions are generated from the inspection, the non-conformance will directly affect the Health and Safety compliance percentage of the business.


  1. All Health and Safety training is captured and stored online.


  1. Automatic reminders prompt you when training is due, 90 days before the certificate expires.


  1. Unlimited use of the 30 Online Health and Safety Training Courses.


  1. An Injury on Duty is captured online and linked back to your Risk Assessment allowing for the risk assessment to be reviewed and so to stop future accidents from happening again.


  1. The MIRCA Incident Investigation process can be captured online to determine the root cause of any incident.


  1. All activities are managed by the Action Request Module, which is linked to your Health and Safety Compliance Audit, which, at any given moment, gives you and your management team a true reflection of your company’s Health and Safety Compliance.


  1. All Action Requests are linked to their solutions in My Safety Shop, making it easy for Subscribers to procure such solutions and improve their Health and Safety Compliance.


  1. Multiple Health and Safety Reports are available, ranging from an Action Request Report to a Compliance Report, to many other Health and Safety reports, which will assist a Health and Safety Consultant and Health and Safety Officer / Manager to manage the day-to-day activities of a comprehensive Health and Safety Programme.
OHSOnline On screen
Our OHS Online Health and Safety Management System (HSMS) will assist you to be a more efficient & effective Health and Safety Consultant
With OHS Online you would be more Efficient, because -
  • You would be able to Manage multiple clients at Multiple Branch
  • Compliance will always be in real time
  • This is done via client specific -
    • Health and Safety Compliance Audit,
    • Task Based Risk Assessments,
    • Health and Safety Inspections,
    • IOD administrating and Incident Investigations and
    • E Learning Training.

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OHS Online is a cloud based Health and Safety Management system and available to all SafetyWallet members.