SafetyWallet Subscriber Benefit

Health and Safety Compliance Monitoring and Management

Maintaining a safe and healthy work environment is a critical aspect of any business.

Employers have a legal and moral obligation to protect their workers from harm and provide a workplace that is free from hazards. Health and Safety Compliance Monitoring and Management is the process of ensuring that the necessary steps are taken to achieve this goal. 

In recent years, technology has made significant strides in this area, and one of the biggest platforms in SafetyWallet, and a SafetyWallet Subscription has become the best mechanism for it.

The SafetyWallet Dashboard

The SafetyWallet Dashboard is a comprehensive Health and Safety compliance monitoring and management tool that helps businesses stay compliant with regulations and laws while reducing risk and improving safety outcomes.

When subscribing to SafetyWallet, employers can use this tool in conjunction with OHS Online and their health and safety virtual support to improve on and maintain their health and safety compliance in the workplace.

The SafetyWallet Dashboard also allows the Subscriber to view their compliance status, financial statements showing current return of investments.

Daily Monitoring of Health and Safety Behaviours, Conditions, and Statutory Elements

One of the core features of the SafetyWallet benefits is daily monitoring of Health and Safety behaviours, conditions, and statutory elements. This includes tracking compliance with regulatory requirements and identifying potential hazards and risks. This enables businesses to take proactive measures to prevent accidents and injuries before they occur.

By making use of the various features found in OHS Online, the SafetyWallet team are able to assist and monitor the health and safety programme of the client remotely, whilst assisting with the necessary guidance on improvements to be carried out, when needed.

Health and Safety Inspections: Mobile Application Access

SafetyWallet also provides access to the OHS Online mobile inspection application, that allow workers to conduct inspections and post their results to OHS Online in real time, resulting in up to date reports when you need them. This enables businesses to respond quickly and address issues before they escalate into more significant problems.

Mobile inspection apps also streamline the inspection process, making it more efficient and effective due to a reduced use of paper along with the security of knowing that all information is cloud based and safe.

Health and Safety Risk Assessment Template

Another critical feature of the SafetyWallet Subscription benefits is the health and safety risk assessment template on OHS Online. This template provides subscribers with a standardised approach to assessing and managing risks. It includes a task-based process for identifying hazards, assessing risks, and implementing controls to reduce the likelihood and severity of accidents and injuries. The risk assessment template is customizable and can be tailored to meet the specific needs of businesses in different industries.

Found in OHS Online, the risk assessment template is easy to use and is downloadable in a printable format on completion for the Subscriber’s to use.

Health and Safety compliance monitoring and management is a critical component of any business. The SafetyWallet benefits provide a comprehensive set of tools and features to help businesses stay compliant with regulations, reduce risk, and improve safety outcomes. Its daily monitoring of Health and Safety behaviours, conditions, and statutory elements, mobile inspection apps access, and risk assessment template make SafetyWallet an essential tool for businesses looking to create a safer and healthier workplace. With SafetyWallet, subscribers can be confident that they are taking the necessary steps to protect their workers and comply with Health and Safety legislation.

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