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SafetyWallet Case Study: Transforming Safintra's Health and Safety Management

Established in 1991, Safintra has emerged as the leading provider of roofing systems in Southern Africa, and, over the years, has expanded its offerings to provide a comprehensive array of building solutions, specialising in the production of advanced roofing materials.

They offer an extensive array of building solution accessories and related products, ensuring their customers have access to a complete and integrated roofing and cladding solution.

Safintra South Africa consists of a robust network of 12 branches nationwide. Managing health and safety across multiple sites presented unique challenges, including consistent training, risk assessments, and safety system management.

The Challenge: Streamlining Health and Safety Management Across Multiple Branches

Safintra faced a considerable challenge in maintaining a consistent and effective health and safety protocol across its expanding number of branches. The need was for a comprehensive solution that could:

- Enable easy management and reporting of safety systems across all branches.

- Simplify the booking of formal and online health and safety training.

- Facilitate effortless creation and dissemination of crucial safety documents.

- Provide a centralised system for appointments and risk assessments.

- Offer superior support and training for the implementation and utilisation of the health and safety system.

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The SafetyWallet Health and Safety Solution

SafetyWallet, in conjunction with its cutting-edge OHS Online platform and Triple P system, presented the ideal resolution for Safintra's needs. The services offered included:

- Centralised Safety Management: The SafetyWallet dashboard allows for efficient monitoring, planning, and reportage of safety systems.

- Simplification of Training and Documents: Users can easily assign online training, book formal health and safety training, and generate essential safety documents.

- Comprehensive Safety System: The Triple P system and OHS Online platform revolutionised how Safintra approached health and safety, making complex processes straightforward.

Implementation of the Triple P System and Results

With the guidance of SafetyWallet's professional team, including Dyllan Steyn and Jaydee Le Roux, Safintra was able to seamlessly integrate the OHS Online and Triple P system. Through exceptional service and support, Safintra has achieved:

- Effortless Management: Overseeing health and safety activities across 12 branches has become significantly simpler and more efficient.

- Enhanced Training Procedures: Assigning and managing training sessions is now just a click away, ensuring all employees are well-educated in safety practices.

- Streamlined Processes: From risk assessments to appointments, all health and safety processes have been greatly streamlined.

- Empowered Safety Teams: The ease-of-use of the system has allowed Safintra's safety teams to stay proactive and well-informed.


Ettiene Mostert, SHE Officer at Safintra South Africa, praises the transformative impact of SafetyWallet, stating, "Without the SafetyWallet system and their amazing professional team, my work as a Safety Officer looking after 12 branches would have been a lot more difficult. I am looking forward to working with you far into the future."


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Safintra South Africa's journey with SafetyWallet showcases the significant benefits of leveraging comprehensive safety management systems. The streamlined processes, enhanced training capabilities, and exceptional support have not only simplified health and safety management across multiple branches but also highlighted the strategic value of partnership with SafetyWallet.

Safintra’s continued success and commitment to workplace safety serve as a model for other businesses looking to enhance their health and safety procedures. Their experience underscores the importance of a robust, user-friendly, and supportive health and safety management system in achieving operational excellence and employee well-being.

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