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SafetyWallet offers prospective subscribers a choice between six subscription packages depending on the business and its unique health and safety needs. The ExpertGuidance subscription has the following unique features:

  • We currently have a Hot Deal Promotion in place whereby every client that subscribes to our ExpertGuidance package qualifies for a FREE First Compliance Audit or One FREE Task Based Risk Assessment!
  • Includes 1 Triple P HSMS Course - If successfully completed, candidate will be awarded the Triple P Health and Safety Management System Certificate which is a Saiosh Verified course - 5 CPD Points.
  • A monthly subscription fee of R4510.00 (Excl VAT)
  • A SafetyWallet subscriber reward of 30% is awarded once the subscription is activated, for all related services and products.
  • AI (Walli) support and access for one user, 235 Credits per month.
  • Includes injury on duty (IOD) advice.
  • First Compliance Audit Free or 10 FreeTasks of your choice on the Risk Assessment.
  • Personalised Support: Dedicated (hybrid) support hours, (unlimited) telephonic (and or Virtual) assistance. Includes 2 monthly consulting hours with a Health and Safety Practitioner for the implementation of Health and Safety Systems and Programs.
  • 30 E-Learning Courses.
  • Access to the OHS Mobile App.
  • Task-Based Risk Assessment Template + Safe Operating Procedures.
  • Legal Updates as provided weekly in our Newsletter.
  • Includes access to OHS Online Health and Safety Management System.
  • Access to the Triple P Health and Safety Management System.
  • Access to the SafetyWallet Compliance Dashboard.
  • Access to the SafetyWallet Contractor and Supplier Directory.
  • SafetyWallet Incident Root Cause Analysis Support for Accidents.
  • Payment plans are available for purchases made from My Safety Shop.
  • 10 x Return Of Investment

ExpertGuidance - Ensuring Health and safety in the workplace

  • 30.00% Discount
  • Includes 1 Triple P HSMS Course
  • 4510.00 (Excl VAT)
  • Subscribe



We believe in making sure your loved ones return home healthy and safe after work.


With ExpertGuidance, our flagship subscription product, elevate your organisation's health and safety culture to unparalleled heights of excellence. This premium offering goes beyond mere compliance and risk management; it revolutionises how safety is perceived and practiced within your workplace. ExpertGuidance provides personalised support, state-of-the-art tools, and innovative educational strategies, empowering every individual in your organisation to play an active role in fostering a safer, more compliant environment. Our dedication is to nurture a culture where safety, compliance, and risk control are not only achieved but are consistently enhanced, establishing new benchmarks in organisational health and safety excellence.


Subscribers to the ExpertGuidance Package will embark on a comprehensive journey designed to revolutionise your organisation's approach to health and safety, compliance, and risk control from the ground up. Here’s what you can expect:

  1. Engagement and Continuous Learning: Our offerings include endless e-Learning opportunities, the structured Triple P Course, and a technology suite featuring the OHS Online Cloud-Based Health and Safety Management System and the OHS Mobile App. This ensures that learning and development in health and safety are embedded as continuous processes, fostering a culture of ongoing improvement and proactive risk management.
  2. Personalised Support: Dedicated (hybrid) support hours, (unlimited) telephonic (and or Virtual) assistance, and our advanced AI-driven system, Walli, provide tailored solutions for compliance challenges, safety planning, and risk management strategies, ensuring expert guidance is always within reach. 
  3. Empowerment and Reward: An extensive rewards system for employees and contractors underlines our approach, encouraging daily health and safety practices and compliance achievements. This not only maximises individual contributions but solidifies a collective culture committed to excellence in health and safety.
  4. Comprehensive Compliance and Risk Management: Our offerings are designed to keep your organisation ahead of regulatory changes and standards, with tools like our unique Task-Based Risk Assessment Template, SOPs, Triple P templates, and the SW Compliance Dashboard. Coupled with regular legal updates and a complimentary Health and Safety Audit or Risk Assessment, we provide a foundation for not just meeting but exceeding compliance benchmarks and enhancing risk control measures.

By subscribing to ExpertGuidance, organisations are not merely adopting a set of tools and services; they are engaging a partner dedicated to creating a safe, empowered, and compliant working environment. Our integrated approach promises not just a safer today but a healthier tomorrow, ingraining safety and well-being into the fabric of every organisation.

Mitigating Hazards in the Workplace through Health and Safety Audit Safety Audits

To facilitate the audit process, ExpertGuidance Subscribers can conveniently order the health and safety audit from our SafetyWallet shop. We currently have a Hot Deal Promotion in place whereby every client that subscribes to our ExpertGuidance package qualifies for a FREE Compliance Audit!

For pricing details, including any subscriber discounts, please visit My Safety Shop, where you can also explore our wide range of health and safety services and products.

We understand the importance of maintaining the highest level of physical, mental, and social well-being for all stakeholders in the workplace. Our goal is to minimise the risks in the workplace associated with health, injuries, and illnesses by implementing effective health and safety measures.

Once the ExpertGuidance subscriber is found compliant, they will be presented with their Health and Safety Compliance Certificate, which is valid for a year.

SafetyWallet's Health and Safety Management System and Support Services

SafetyWallet helps its subscribers develop a thorough, detailed, and effective Health and Safety Management System in addition to the following solutions and services:

  1. Subscribers are encouraged to utilise the OHS Online platform to create and maintain their own health and safety program as a form of self-help.
  2. As part of the cooperation between SafetyWallet and MAKROSAFE and other partners, companies may get additional help in meeting their health and safety obligations.

In addition to our audit services, we provide extensive support to our subscribers. Through our authorised Dealership, MAKROSAFE, and other industry experts, we offer additional assistance to meet health and safety obligations. Our subscribers gain access to OHS Online, cloud-based health and safety management software, regardless of their subscription package. This platform empowers subscribers to create and maintain their own health and safety programs with ease. 

ExpertGuidance Rewards and Discounts

Once clients have subscribed successfully, they will receive their compliance level rewards of 30%. In addition, according to the rating of the audit, subscribers can earn the following rewards:

  1. Compliance of 89% to 92% - additional 5% compliance reward discount
  2. Compliance of 93% to 96% - additional 7.5% compliance reward discount
  3. Compliance above 97% - additional 10% compliance reward discount


Contractor management can be laborious at the best of times, and SafetyWallet offers incentives based on the number of contractors and suppliers, as well as the degree of compliance for each contractor and supplier that is included in the overall compliance portfolio.

SafetyWallet compensates subscribers according to a tiered basis for contractors and suppliers who have been referred to, and subscribed to SafetyWallet:

  1. 5 Contractors/Suppliers – an additional 2% rewards discount
  2. 10 Contractors/Suppliers – an additional 4% rewards discount
  3. 15 Contractors/Suppliers – an additional 6% rewards discount
  4. 20 Contractors/Suppliers – an additional 8% rewards discount
  5. 25 Contractors/Suppliers – an additional 10% rewards discount

Elevate Your Workplace Safety with a FREE Triple P Certificate - Now Included in SafetyWallet's ExpertGuidance Subscription!

Safety first! It's a mantra every business owner should embrace. But ensuring a safe work environment requires more than just good intentions. It demands a structured health and safety management system (HSMS) that identifies and mitigates risks, fosters a safety culture, and keeps your employees and business protected.

SafetyWallet's ExpertGuidance Subscription empowers businesses of all sizes to achieve just that. Now, we're taking workplace safety a step further by including a FREE Triple P Health and Safety Management System Certificate course for one employee per subscribing company!

What is the Triple P HSMS Certificate Course?

This comprehensive virtual program equips participants with the knowledge and skills to:

Implement a robust HSMS: Learn the Triple P framework (Policies, Procedures, and Practices) to create a customised safety system for your organisation.

Navigate health and safety regulations: Gain a thorough understanding of the Occupational Health and Safety Act (OHS Act) and its implications for your workplace.

Conduct effective risk assessments: Master the art of identifying and mitigating potential hazards in your work environment.

Utilise OHS Online: Become proficient in SafetyWallet's cloud-based health and safety management software, streamlining your safety processes.

Cultivate a safety-conscious culture: Develop strategies to promote positive safety attitudes and behaviours among employees.

The SafetyWallet ExpertGuidance Subscription can be completed here. Please feel free to chat with us in the chat box on the right of your screen for any questions and queries you may have.

Walli can make mistakes. Consider checking important information and please speak to SafetyWallet's support team, should you be in doubt. Please also see: 


All SafetyWallet Subscribers enjoy the indicated discounts for all products and services provided on My Safety Shop.

  • 20.00% Discount
  • 1650.00 (Excl VAT)
  • Subscribe
  • 25.00% Discount
  • 3190.00 (Excl VAT)
  • Subscribe
  • 30.00% Discount
  • Includes 1 Triple P HSMS Course
  • 4510.00 (Excl VAT)
  • Subscribe

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