Health and Safety Policies, Procedures and Practices

Policies, Procedures, and Practices (PPPs) 

At SafetyWallet, we understand that health and safety is often seen as a challenging aspect to implement into a business or organisation, particularly where there may be very little in place. It seems a lot of work is required for very little value in return. The opposite is actually true and this is why we offer our SafetyWallet subscribers our Policies, Procedures, and Practices system or, as we call it for short, the PPPs.

What are the PPPs?

The PPPs are a system of documents that break down the complexity of health and safety into laymen’s terms. Together, they are designed in such a way that by implementing these, an organisation is actually implementing a comprehensive health and safety system, which is tailored to the uniqueness of the type of business and operations the organisation conducts.

Each PPP consists of a policy document, a procedure document and a practice document, all focused on addressing a specific health safety aspect. The policy is the driving document; the statement of intent of the organisation in respects of the particular health and safety aspect. The procedure is the “how to” document and supports the policy by explaining how to implement the policy. The practice supports both the policy and procedure by providing context and detailed guidelines on implementing the specific health and safety aspect. In this way, an organisation can focus on completing a specific aspect efficiently and effectively before moving onto the next aspect. Furthermore, this process allows experienced and inexperienced health and safety practitioners alike, to effectively implement health and safety requirements into their organisation.

Each policy, procedure and practice are linked by a set of objectives that provide a common reference to work from and allows easy measurement to be made of the degree of success of implementation. Additionally, this provides an easy-to-follow means for internal and external auditing process.

Together, the PPPs interlink with one another to form an effective health and safety system that is documented, implemented and can now be easily managed and maintained on a continual basis. Through their implementation, an organisation will also be compliant to health and safety legislation, using best practices to achieve this.

What Makes the PPPs Different?

One of the unique aspects we bring into the PPPs is the incorporation of a number of important health and safety concepts which are becoming increasingly important to not only successfully implement your health and safety system but also to maintain it going forward:

Behaviour Based Safety

Behaviour-Based Safety (BBS) is an approach to safety that focuses on identifying and addressing at-risk behaviours in the workplace. Through the implementation of the PPPs, the idea is to assist in changing employee health and safety behaviours in order to improve the safety outcomes within the organisation. Through this, unsafe behaviours can be identified and appropriate action and interventions implemented to correct this. The PPPs help to provide guidance and understanding in laymen’s terms, allowing better understanding of health and safety concepts by employees from which they are able to take better responsibility for their own workplace safety and that of others around them.

Mindset Safety

Mindset safety is a safety approach that focuses on creating a safety-conscious culture within an organisation. The PPPs are aimed at helping to change employee behaviour in the workplace by adopting a more proactive approach to dealing with health and safety concerns . Through this, behaviours can be changed and a more positive health and safety culture cultivated within the organisation.

Health and Safety Change Management

Change management is the process of planning, implementing, and managing changes within an organisation. Change Management with Health and Safety, can be challenging. Through the use of our PPPs, you can monitor the effects of changes in your health and safety and then make any necessary adjustments to achieve your intended health and safety outcomes. Change management forms a critical component in safety, as changes in safety procedures or equipment can impact the safety of employees. A well-planned change management process can ensure that safety changes are implemented successfully and without negative consequences.

How many PPPs are available?

Currently, there are over 100 PPPs available for SafetyWallet subscribers at no charge. These PPPs focus on the fundamentals of occupational health and safety, providing the basic health and safety framework that is required by all organisations. This number is growing daily as new PPPs are added to the system, addressing more specific aspects of health and safety, relevant to particular operations.

What are the benefits of PPPs?

By subscribing to SafetyWallet and utilising our PPPs, your organisation can enjoy a range of benefits, including:

A complete health and safety system:

Uniquely aligned to your specific organisation activities and tailor-made to manage your health and safety requirements.

Demonstrating your commitment to health and safety:

By implementing our PPPs and using their document system, you provide a transparent picture of your workplace health and safety, allowing easy auditing of your health and safety and clearly demonstrating your commitment to the health and safety of your employees, contractors and visitors to any interested parties.

Growing the health and safety culture of your organisation:

Through implementing and using the PPPs, you can change health and safety behaviours in your organisation, improving employee attitudes and mindset towards health and safety and creating a positive health and safety culture.


Our standardised PPPs provide clear instructions and guidelines for health and safety actions, allowing for common understanding and awareness which improves transparency, efficiency and productivity while at the same time reducing the risks of incidents occurring.

Flexibility and versatility:

In cases where our standardised PPPs do not totally align with your organisation’s operations, you have total flexibility in making any necessary adjustments to your PPPs so they are more correctly aligned to your own requirements.

Improved health and safety within your organisation:

Once implemented, the PPPs help lower the risks of incidents occurring in your workplace. This improves employee well-being and productivity and reduces the risk of unnecessary financial losses through lost-time incidents and penalties or fines.

Saving time and money:

Our PPP documents are ready-made so you can implement these from day-one, saving you the time and money of developing them from scratch. Once implemented, the PPPs help reduce the risks of unnecessary financial losses through lost-time incidents and penalties or fines.

Compliance with legislation:

Our PPPs are aligned to national health and safety legislation so when a PPP is implemented into your organisation, you are automatically complying to that related aspect in terms of the legislation driving it.

Improved organisational reputation:

Through using our PPPs your improved health and safety improves your reputation as an organisation committed to health and safety, improving your standing with the Commissioner and enhancing your reputation with other organisations when competing for tenders.

How do I access the PPPs?

The PPPs can be accessed through the OHS Online cloud-based management system, our online platform and are available exclusively to our SafetyWallet subscribers, at no extra cost to the monthly subscription fee. The online system for the PPPs aligns with international best practices, with automatically revision controls and levels of user viewing, editing and approval rights.

You can browse through the available PPPs and select the ones that are most relevant to your business. If you need assistance with selecting or implementing PPPs, our expert support team is available and on hand to provide guidance and advice.

How does OHS Online fit into this?

As mentioned, OHS Online is our secure cloud-based management system. It not only provides the means for accessing the PPP document system but it also provides a usable system for completing much of the administrative aspects of your health and safety system. Allowing health and safety information to be efficiently inputted and saved and sporting a powerful database, your information is safely stored and easy retrievable at the touch of a button. Here are just some of the great facilities that OHS Online provides:

  • Allows you to create necessary health and safety documents (appointment letters, etc)
  • Allows you to create and document a fully comprehensive risk assessment (task risk assessment)
  • Provides a range of registers for controlling specific health and safety aspects
  • Allows you to conduct workplace inspections from your mobile phone and record their results
  • Provides a reporting facility for viewing necessary actions which need to be completed
  • Allows contractors to be controlled and managed through a Permit to Work system (PTW)
  • Provides access to a range of online health and safety courses, which include post-course quizzes and competency certificates on successful completion
  • Provides detailed system for recording workplace incidents

All of these functions can be used in conjunction with the PPP document system to provide evidence of your health and safety actions and to validate your health and safety system to internal or external parties.

Start utilising PPPs today

Don't let compliance with health and safety legislation be a burden on your business. Subscribe to SafetyWallet and start utilising our PPPs today. By doing so, you can ensure the health and safety of your employees, contractors and visitors, improve the health and safety culture within your organisation and demonstrate your commitment to making your workplace a safer and healthier one.

How does SafetyWallet support its subscribers?

SafetyWallet, in partnership with MAKROSAFE and OHS Online, ensures that subscribers can obtain the highest level of compliance with the Occupational Health and Safety Act, all other Legislations, and more.

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