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Adherence to good Health and Safety practices and compliance with the Occupational Health and Safety Act, its Regulations, National Standards and By-Laws are responsibilities of employers in all industries.

With Health and Safety being a huge responsibility, SafetyWallet has partnered with the KEY role players in Health and Safety in South Africa namely, MAKROSAFE Holdings and OHS Online to offer their subscribers the best Support and Rewards in all aspects of Occupational Health and Safety.

Your SafetyWallet Subscription includes the following Support:


  1. Dedicated OHS Professional
  2. Health and Safety Certificate
  3. Monthly Health and Safety Compliance Certificate
  4. 80% discount on your Compliance Audit
  5. OHS Online Cloud Based Management System – Unlimited users
  6. SafetyWallet Dashboard - Unlimited Users
  7. Risk Assessment and Control Measures
  8. Monthly Newsletter
  9. Weekly Legislative Updates
  10. COVID-19
  11. OHS Online Health and Safety Management System
  12. Department of Employment and Labour (DoEL) Enquiries
  13. DoEL Incident Investigation (OHS Act Section 24 Investigation)
  14. Injuries on Duty Management
  15. Workmen's Compensation Assurance (WCA) & Rand Mutual Assurance (RMA)
  16. Injuries on Duty - WCA Doctor Payment
  17. WCA Employer Payments outstanding (Salaries, Wages etc.)
  18. Annual Return of Earning WaS.8
  19. Letter of Good Standing
  20. Reduction in Annual Assessment Rates with WCA
  21. Emergency Evacuations & Emergency Preparedness
  22. Hygiene Survey Recommendations
  23. Contractor Management - Site files
  24. Payment allocation with RMA / WCA
  25. Name change with WCA / RMA
  26. Change in nature of business with WCA
  27. New registrations with RMA / WCA
  28. Medical surveillance requirements

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SafetyWallet membership Packages is as follow:
*Pricing is per branch
*Enjoy all other benefits from being a SafetyWallet Member Read More

Friend Circle

  • Monthly Membership Fee R650
  • SafetyWallet Membership Reward 25%
  • Audit Discount Reward (for SafetyWallet Membership)80%
  • Employees 1 – 50

Family Circle

  • Monthly Membership Fee R1300
  • SafetyWallet Membership Reward 30%
  • Audit Discount Reward (for SafetyWallet Membership)80%
  • Employees 51 – 100

Champion Circle

  • Monthly Membership Fee R2500
  • SafetyWallet Membership Reward 35%
  • Audit Discount Reward (for SafetyWallet Membership)80%
  • Employees 101 – 300

Pinnacle Circle

  • Monthly Membership Fee R3500
  • SafetyWallet Membership Reward 40%
  • Audit Discount Reward (for SafetyWallet Membership)80%
  • Employees >300

Why Health And Safety Is Important
We Believe - A Poem By MAKROSAFE Holdings

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