Health and Safety Compliance is vital for any business to be successful.

With this in mind, all employers have to consider the adherence to Health and Safety practices, in-line with the Occupational Health and Safety Act, its Regulations, national standards and local by-laws.

It is for these reasons that SafetyWallet (a subscription-based approach to health and safety) was created in 2018.

The Need for SafetyWallet in the Occupational Health and Safety Industry

SafetyWallet was created in 2018, with the vision of its Managing Director, Mr. Leon van der Walt. Throughout the 21 years of experience (at the time) in health and safety, Leon identified the need for employers to have health and safety support, along with the opportunity for the employer to take ownership and accountability for their health and safety processes and compliance within the entity.
With a subscription-based approach to health and safety, this vision has come to life with SafetyWallet offering clients and individuals the opportunity to use a world class health and safety management system, supported by qualified and seasoned individuals, to employers to implement and maintain their health and safety compliance.
SafetyWallet has taken on the task of aligning its values to the needs of its staff, clients and its greater vision and mission for ensuring that loved ones can return home healthy and safe after work. With these values, we believe that we can fulfil this purpose:
  1. Together, we are firm believers in why we do what we do, and to persevere in service of our purpose!
  2. With optimism and creativity, we inspire for today, innovate for tomorrow and always stay motivated to live out our purpose!
  3. We remain accountable for building relationships based on trust, with honesty, integrity and credibility in everything we do.
  4. We love suppporting people with compassion, loyalty, care and enthusiasm whilst remaining grounded in gratitude!
  5. We are committed to supporting one another to achieve our purpose and to create a positive and effective Health and Safety Culture with our clients.
  6. With understanding and respect for one-another, we are able to be flexible in providing solutions to our clients.
  7. We remain mindful and diligent in everything we do to consistantly respond to our client's needs with professionalsm and excellence to ensure the best possible outcome..

My Safety Shop

SafetyWallet has recently also launched My Safety Shop, an E-commerce platform where employers and persons alike, can purchase the Health and Safety Compliance Solutions they require. The aim of this platform is to further the purpose we have, as well as to provide a platform to clients, with ease of access, navigation and reference, in order to reach the health and safety goals they are striving to achieve.
My Safety Shop offers an ever-growing range of solutions to all visitors, with the benefit of discounts to SafetyWallet subscribers, due to their subscription status, creating an opportunity to save, whilst keeping people safe. These products and services include:
  1. Health and Safety Audits
  2. Legal Appointment Letters
  3. Contractor Management and support
  4. Fire Equipment
  5. Health and Safety Risk Assessment
  6. First Aid Equipment
  7. Health and Safety Inspections
  8. Health and Safety Risk Control 
  9. Health and Safety Consulting and Advise
  10. Mandatory Posters
  11. Hygiene Surveys
  12. Health and Safety Training
  13. Lifting Equipment Training
  14. Workmen's Compensation services and support

SafetyWallet Support and Benefits

SafetyWallet aims at providing the support it renders to its clients to not only make sure that elements regarding health and safety are in place but also to assist with driving a health and safety culture within the client's business. With the benefits which SafetyWallet offers, employers can work towards creating such a culture with the aid of the SafetyWallet support team members, to prevent people from getting hurt at work. These benefits include:
  1. Health and Safety Support
  2. Health and Safety Compliance Monitoring and Management
  3. Health and Safety Training and Education 
  4. Injury on Duty (IOD) Support
  5. Financial Benefits
The SafetyWallet subscription then enables the client to create a return on investment through their efforts in reaching compliance due to the fact that every subscription type offers a discount along with compliance reward discounts ranging from 5 to 10 percent and also, a contractor reward discount.
This essentially means that through becoming compliant and keeping your employees safe, you will also be saving more money than your competition, thus making your business and your health and safety management, more cost effective.

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All SafetyWallet Subscribers enjoy the indicated discounts for all products and services provided on My Safety Shop.

  • 20.00% Discount
  • 1650.00 (Excl VAT)
  • Subscribe
  • 25.00% Discount
  • 3190.00 (Excl VAT)
  • Subscribe
  • 30.00% Discount
  • Includes 1 Triple P HSMS Course
  • 4510.00 (Excl VAT)
  • Subscribe

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