The Triple P HSMS Training

SafetyWallet Triple P HSMS Training Course: A Must-Have for Subscribers

SafetyWallet subscribers have an exclusive opportunity to take their health and safety commitment to the next level with the Triple P HSMS Training Course. This virtual program provides in-depth training and guidance on:

  • Implementing a robust Health and Safety Management System (HSMS) using the Triple P (Policies, Procedures, and Practices) framework,
  • Understanding The Occupational Health and Safety Act,
  • Conducting a Task-Based Risk Assessment,
  • Understanding and working with OHS Online (The SafetyWallet) Health and Safety Cloud-based Software, as well as
  • An in depth understanding of SafetyWallet itself through the “SafetyWallet Way.”

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The Triple P Health and Safety Management System Certificate

Course Purpose

This course is aimed at empowering individuals towards being able to implement and maintain a Health and Safety Management System (The Triple P System on offer from SafetyWallet) and in so doing, to create a safer work environment for all according to the course Structure indicated below.

Course Properties

Learning Program/Course Title:

The Triple P Health and Safety Management System Certificate


16 days with 2 hour Virtual Sessions per day.

Nature of Program/Course:

Some Learning Units are Unit Standard Aligned with additional content added which is the intellectual property of SafetyWallet and not accredited or Unit Standard Aligned.


This course is aimed at empowering individuals towards being able to implement and maintain a Health and Safety Management System (The Triple P System on offer from SafetyWallet) and in so doing, to create a safer work environment for all by empowering candidates with an understanding of:

  • SafetyWallet, its subscriptions and benefits as well as the SafetyWallet approach to Occupational Health and Safety.
  • The Occupational Health and Safety Act (85 of 1993)
  • Health and Safety Risk Assessments.
  • OHS Online Cloud-based Management System
  • The Triple P Health and Safety Management System Structure.
  • The composition and Structure of individual Triple P’s (Policies, Procedures and Practices)
  • The Implementation process of the Triple P System.
  • Overcoming the challenges associated with the Implementation of the Triple P System with the Tools and Resources provided by SafetyWallet.

Focus Area:

The implementation of a robust Health and Safey Management System (Triple P System) with the aid and support of the necessary software and the application of a Risk Assessment Methodology and Change management within the workplace, for safer and healthier work environments.

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Unit Standard Aligned and other Content

Unit Standard Aligned Content:

  • Unit Standard 120344: Demonstrate knowledge and understanding of relevant, current OHS legislation
  • Unit Standard 120330: Conduct a continuous RiskAssessment in a Workplace.

Other Content:

  • The SafetyWallet Approach
  • Understanding OHS Online: The SafetyWallet Health and Safety Cloud-Based Management System
  • Understanding and implementing the Triple P Health and Safety Management System.
  • Understanding and utilizing the additional benefits, Tools and Resources when implementing the Triple P Health and Safety Management System.

Level of Training:

Facilitated Workshop Training Course

Target Population:

Health and Safety Professionals, Safety Officers, Health and Safety Managers, SAIOSH Registered Members.

Workshop Language:


Mode of Delivery:

16 Facilitated Sessions (Virtual)

Learning environment:

Electronic / Virtual

Learning methodologies:

Lecturing, facilitation

Learner support:

Group Chat, Email support, Separate Virtual one on one sessio

ns if required.


Assessments of theoretical, practical and applied capability will take place through formative assessments and summative assessments.


10% of all assessments will undergo internal moderation to ensure the quality of the course delivery.

Recognition of prior learning (RPL)



Certificates of Completion will be issued to candidates who have completed the course and satisfied the Assessment Needs of the Course.

Review of the program/course:

The course will be reviewed continually as changes to legislation, systems and content take place to ensure that the course remains as current and up to date as possible.

Saiosh Verified course - 5 CPD Points.



What are the Triple P’s?

Policy, Procedure, and Practice documents (Triple P’s) form the core of SafetyWallet's Health and Safety Management System (HSMS). These documents break down health and safety into smaller chunks, providing a comprehensive and tailored system for organizations of all sizes, whilst ensuring that clarity, accountability and effective monitoring and measurement of your System can be carried out. The course covers the 126 Fundamental Triple P’s required by any business to not only comply with the Occupational Health and Safety Act but also implement and maintain a robust Health and Safety Management System.

The Triple P’s address:

    • The Policies required to govern aspects of Health and Safety in the business,
    • The Procedures which stem from the Policies for Implementation by selected Role-players.
    • The Practices which are based on the Procedures for execution to create a safer workplace for all.


What Makes the Triple P Health and Safety Management System Different?

One of the unique aspects we bring into the Triple P’s is the incorporation of a number of important health and safety concepts which are becoming increasingly important to not only successfully implement your health and safety system but also to maintain it going forward such as:

Behaviour Based Safety

Behaviour-Based Safety (BBS) is an approach to safety that focuses on identifying and addressing at-risk behaviours in the workplace. Through the implementation of the PPPs, the idea is to assist in changing employee health and safety behaviours in order to improve the safety outcomes within the organisation. Through this, unsafe behaviours can be identified and appropriate action and interventions implemented to correct this. The Triple P’s help to provide guidance and understanding in laymen’s terms, allowing better understanding of health and safety concepts by employees from which they are able to take better responsibility for their own workplace safety and that of others around them.


Mindset Safety

Mindset safety is a safety approach that focuses on creating a safety-conscious culture within an organisation. The Triple P’s are aimed at helping to change employee behaviour in the workplace by adopting a more proactive approach to dealing with health and safety concerns, with the aid of the Mindset Evolution Schema. Through this, behaviours can be changed and a more positive health and safety culture cultivated within the organisation.


Health and Safety Change Management

Change management is the process of planning, implementing, and managing changes within an organisation. Change Management with Health and Safety, can be challenging. Through the use of our Triple P’s, you can monitor the effects of changes in your health and safety and then make any necessary adjustments to achieve your intended health and safety outcomes. Change management forms a critical component in safety, as changes in safety procedures or equipment can impact the safety of employees. A well-planned change management process can ensure that safety changes are implemented successfully and without negative consequences.

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Benefits of the Triple P’s:

  • Complete health and safety management system: Uniquely aligned to specific organizational activities.
  • Demonstrates commitment to health and safety: Provides a transparent picture of workplace health and safety.
  • Improves safety culture: Promotes positive attitudes and behaviours towards health and safety.
  • Standardization: Provides clear instructions and guidelines for health and safety actions.
  • Flexibility: Allows adjustments to align with specific organizational needs.
  • Reduces risks and saves money: Lowers incident rates and improves productivity.
  • Compliance with legislation: Aligns with national health and safety regulations.
  • Improves organizational reputation: Enhances standing with stakeholders.
  • Internal Health and Safety Competence: Educates and empowers role-players towards health and safety competency.


Accessing the Triple P’s:

SafetyWallet subscribers can access the Triple P’s through the OHS Online platform. This secure cloud-based system provides the means for accessing the document system but it also provides a usable system for completing much of the administrative aspects of your health and safety requirements such as risk assessments, appointment letters, inspections, IOD recording and administration and more. Allowing health and safety information to be efficiently captured and saved and sporting a powerful database, your information is safely stored and easy retrievable at the touch of a button. Additionally, OHS Online offers various features for managing health and safety aspects, including:

  • Managing contractors with a Permit to Work system
  • Accessing online health and safety courses
  • Gaining access to the SafetyWallet Directory, with which you can engage with other subscribers for services you may need to be rendered safely.


Why Attend?

  • Empowerment: Gain the knowledge and skills to effectively implement and maintain a health and safety management system, creating a safer workplace for everyone.
  • Comprehensive Training: Learn about key aspects of HSMS, including legal compliance, risk assessment, the SafetyWallet platform, and the Triple P implementation process.
  • Convenient Learning: Enjoy virtual training sessions conducted over two hours per day, Monday to Thursday (excluding public holidays) from 8am to 10am.
  • Review and Support: Access recorded sessions for review and receive ongoing support throughout the course.
  • Resource Book: Receive a comprehensive resource book covering the fundamental Triple P's and their implementation requirements.
  • Certification: Upon completing assessments, earn a certificate recognizing your mastery in HSMS implementation.


Who Should Enrol?

This course is ideal for individuals across various industries who hold responsibilities related to health and safety, including:

  • Managers
  • Supervisors
  • Safety Officers
  • Anyone who wants to foster a safety-first culture within their organisation
  • Any SafetyWallet Subscriber who wishes to uplift their Health and Safety standards though creating internal

Enrollment and Start Dates:

The Triple P HSMS Training Course is offered multiple times throughout the year. Enrolment deadlines and commencement dates for the upcoming year are as follows:

Final enrolment date: 2 May 2024 – Commencement date 6 May 2024

Final enrolment date: 30 May 2024 – Commencement date 3 June 2024 (Please note that classes will be at 14:00 and 16:00 for June)

Final enrolment date: 27 June 2024 – Commencement date 1 July 2024

Final enrolment date: 1 August 2024 - Commencement date 5 August 2024

Final enrolment date: 29 August 2024 - Commencement date 2 September 2024

Final enrolment date: 3 October 2024 - Commencement date 7 October 2024

Final enrolment date: 31 October 2024 - Commencement date 4 November 2024


*Enrolment is confirmed via the purchase of the course on My Safety Shop. Please note the course is exclusively for candidates who work at current SafetyWallet Subscribers.


The Triple P HSMS Training Course is an invaluable resource for SafetyWallet subscribers who are committed to building a strong health and safety culture within their organizations. With its comprehensive curriculum, flexible format, and supportive environment, this course empowers individuals to become leaders in workplace safety.

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