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Elevate Your Workplace Safety with a FREE Triple P Certificate - Now Included in SafetyWallet's ExpertGuidance Subscription!

Safety first! It's a mantra every business owner should embrace. But ensuring a safe work environment requires more than just good intentions. It demands a structured health and safety management system (HSMS) that identifies and mitigates risks, fosters a safety culture, and keeps your employees and business protected.

SafetyWallet's ExpertGuidance Subscription empowers businesses of all sizes to achieve just that. Now, we're taking workplace safety a step further by including a FREE Triple P Health and Safety Management System Certificate course for one employee per subscribing company!

ExpertGuidance Subscription includes Triple P HSMS Certificate Course! Any questions? Kindly leave your details for one of our Expert Consultants to give you a no-obligation Call.


What is the Triple P HSMS Certificate Course?

This comprehensive virtual program equips participants with the knowledge and skills to:

Implement a robust HSMS: Learn the Triple P framework (Policies, Procedures, and Practices) to create a customized safety system for your organization.

Navigate health and safety regulations: Gain a thorough understanding of the Occupational Health and Safety Act (OHS Act) and its implications for your workplace.

Conduct effective risk assessments: Master the art of identifying and mitigating potential hazards in your work environment.

Utilise OHS Online: Become proficient in SafetyWallet's cloud-based health and safety management software, streamlining your safety processes.

Cultivate a safety-conscious culture: Develop strategies to promote positive safety attitudes and behaviours among employees.

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The Benefits of a Triple P Certified Employee:

By having one employee complete this valuable course, your business gains:

Enhanced safety expertise: Your designated employee will become a champion for safety within your organization, able to implement and manage your HSMS effectively.

Improved compliance: Reduce the risk of non-compliance with health and safety regulations.

Reduced workplace accidents: Proactive risk identification and mitigation lead to a safer work environment for everyone.

Increased productivity: A safe workplace fosters a more focused and productive workforce.

Boosted employee morale: Employees feel valued when their safety is prioritized, leading to increased morale and engagement.

The SafetyWallet Advantage:

The ExpertGuidance Subscription goes beyond the free Triple P course. You'll enjoy a comprehensive package of benefits including:

A FREE SafetyWallet Health and Safety Compliance Audit: Identify areas for improvement and ensure your workplace meets safety standards.

Monthly Consulting Hours: Get expert guidance from a Health and Safety Practitioner to tailor your safety program.

Access to OHS Online: Manage your HSMS efficiently with SafetyWallet's user-friendly cloud platform.

Discounted Safety Services and Products: Gain access to a wide range of resources to further enhance your workplace safety.

Invest in Safety, Invest in Success

Safety is not just an expense, it's an investment in your most valuable asset - your employees. With the ExpertGuidance Subscription and the FREE Triple P HSMS Certificate course, SafetyWallet empowers you to create a safer, healthier, and more productive work environment.

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