The SafetyWallet OHS Compliance Dashboard


What is the SafetyWallet OHS Compliance Dashboard?

The SafetyWallet Dashboard is a cloud-based tool designed to help subscribers monitor their health and safety compliance status and much more. The dashboard is user-friendly, making it an ideal tool for businesses of all sizes and industries.

How does the SafetyWallet Dashboard work?

The SafetyWallet Dashboard works by providing subscribers with comprehensive features designed to help them monitor their compliance status with health and safety legislation.

Additionally, subscribers can access virtual support at no additional cost in order to provide additional health and safety support to their businesses.

What are the features of using the SafetyWallet Dashboard?

There are many benefits, including quick access to view:

  • OHS Compliance status. 
  • Current SafetyWallet Subscription selected.
  • What your Subscription discounts are.
  • Health and Safety Compliance and Contractor Referral Rewards status.
  • Current Return of Investments percentage.
  • Financial Spreadsheet with date range setting.