SafetyWallet Subscriber Benefit

Injury on Duty (IOD) Support

Injuries on duty are an unfortunate reality that many workers face in various industries.

These incidents not only have physical consequences but can also lead to significant financial burdens for both employees and employers. To mitigate the impact of these incidents, SafetyWallet offers Injury on Duty (IOD)  support as a benefit to its subscribers.

SafetyWallet is a comprehensive solution that provides support for occupational health and safety management. This subscription offers various tools and resources for employers to maintain a safe work environment and comply with regulations. Moreover, SafetyWallet also provides advice and assistance for injuries on duty and claim management, helping employers to efficiently and effectively manage any incidents that may occur in the workplace.

When an employee gets injured while performing work-related duties, it is essential to have a clear and efficient process to manage the situation. SafetyWallet provides resources for employers to ensure that they have appropriate policies and procedures in place to manage these incidents. These resources may include managing claims, guidelines on reporting procedures, First Aid Training, and incident capturing on OHS Online. Additionally, SafetyWallet offers access to experts in the field to assist employers in navigating the complexities of managing injuries on duty.

Supporting claims for injuries on duty.

One of the significant challenges in managing injuries on duty is the claim process. Filing a claim and ensuring that it is processed correctly and efficiently is crucial for employees to receive the compensation and other support they may need. SafetyWallet offers guidance and support to employers in managing the claims process. This includes advice on completing the necessary forms and documentation as well as advise on the procedures to follow and stakeholders to contact should an accident happen in the workplace.

Should subscribers wish to have the claim processed with the aid of SafetyWallet and its partner MAKROSAFE, they can simply order the service from My Safety Shop at discounted rates.

By providing these services, SafetyWallet ensures that employees have the support they need to manage their injuries, and employers have the tools and resources to navigate the complex process of managing injuries on duty. This support is especially critical for small and medium-sized businesses that may not have the resources or expertise to handle these incidents independently.

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