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As an OHS Online user, can I use the Permit to Work (PTW) to control contractors on my site?

Absolutely! The presence of contractors on-site, dramatically increases the risks of an incident occurring on-site, whether it be by the nature of their work, their ignorance of the hazards associated with the site they work on or poor control of the contractor while they are on-site.

Through the use of a PTW, you can control contractors working on your site by identifying the hazards associated with the specific work they are doing. You can then determine the associated safety precautions which need to be in place for the work to be conducted safely.

You are then able to allow work to begin only once you are satisfied that these safety precautions are in place. Once the work is done you are able to review the work area and confirm it has been returned to its original state.

Throughout the process, both you and the contractor sign and confirm related safety measures to the work being done. In this way, the PTW helps you control contractors on your site, reducing the likelihood of incidents happening when a contractor is on-site.