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Can you explain in more detail, 'Stage 3: Completion of the mandatory tabs' of the Permit to Work (PTW) system, in OHS Online?

Yep, no problems, let's take a closer look! Stage 3 refers to the last set of mandatory tabs of the PTW system, which need to be completed in the PTW. These tabs finish off the last important aspects of the PTW being completed:

1. Induction Tab: This tab of the PTW is completed by the Permit Issuer (PI) working with the Permit Requester (PR) to determine the contractor employees who need to undergo induction training, prior to their working on-site. They must undergo basic induction training to be made aware of what requirements they may need to conform to when working on the client's premises. 
2. Approve Tab: This tab of the PTW is completed by the PI working with the PR to complete the Declaration and Approval section (section 15) of the Approve tab. Here the PI and the PR agree on the relevant safety precautions being in place. This would be confirmed by the PI and PR physically checking and confirming the required safety precaution measures and PPE are in place, prior to work starting.