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Can you explain in more detail, 'Stage 5: Final PTW print (hand-back)' of the Permit to Work (PTW) system, in OHS Online?

Yep, let's wrap-up Stage 5! Once the contractor has completed the required work for the client, the PTW needs to be re-evaluated. Stage 5 refers to the completion of this aspect of the PTW and the finalisation of the PTW. Here, the Site Hand-back section (section 16) of the Approve tab is examined by both the Permit Issuer (PI) and the Permit Requester (PR), to confirm the required checks, relating to the work done, have been done and everything is correct.

The following aspects need to be followed: 

1. Hand-back checks - the checks present in the Site Hand-back section (section 16) need to be reviewed and confirmed by both the PI and the PR. 
2. Area check - the PI and the PR need to conduct an area check where the work was conducted, to ensure everything has been returned to the way it was before work began. Any infrastructure in the area also needs to be checked and confirmed that it has not been affected by the work. 
3. Final PTW signatures - once everything is confirmed as correct, the PI and PR need to sign the final contractor confirmation section of the PTW (section 16). Once this has been signed the PTW is considered finished and complete. Copies of the final signing of the PTW need to be given to both the PI and the PR (contractor and client parties).