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Work Permit Tab

How do I complete the Client Specification details of the Work Permit tab, in OHS Online?

Okay, we're still in section 1 here but now we're going to complete the second part of the General Permit details! This part is very important because it creates the basic set-up of the PTW, by broadly defining what the main safety requirement areas are, which need to be in place, according to the work being done.

This is achieved by determining specific and relevant criteria, by checking a series of list options as YES or NO, according to their relevance. When the different criteria are selected (or not selected), the system sets-up the main basic aspects in the PTW. The first five criteria should be selected as YES, as they are basic important requirements for any type of contractor work being done:

The remaining criteria are specific to different hazardous work types and are only checked YES when they are part of the work being done. If an option is not relevant, it must be checked as NO: