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Eqmt Isolation Tab

How do I complete the Precautionary Safety Measures section for machinery isolation in the EQMT (Equipment) Isolation tab, in OHS Online?

Okay! We've already looked at the electrical isolation, so now let's take a closer look at the machinery isolation aspect. The precautionary safety measures section for machinery isolation can be found in the Machinery Equipment Isolation Details section, after the main machinery isolation and lockout details. Once the machinery hazards and isolation details, for the work being done, have been identified, the necessary checks and controls for any mechanical isolation work, must be confirmed and checked.

The Precautionary Safety Measures section is where these safety measures are determined and confirmed. The Permit Issuer and Permit Requester work through and confirm the safety measure checks and must make sure that these checks are in place, in order to ensure correct machine isolation, before any work starts.

This section consists of a list of standard machinery or equipment isolation checks which must be in place to ensure correct machine isolation. These will display automatically, as a default and the options must be checked as YES: