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Hot Work Tab

In OHS Online, how does the Measurement Details section work in the vessel specific precautions section in the Hot Work tab?

Ahh yes, the third and final part of the vessel section! We're almost done, so let's go! The measurement details section contains details about the measurements made of the contents of the vessel. These measurement details are important because they can show evidence that the contents of the vessel were determined to be safe before work began. This allows both the contractor and client to have confidence that the conditions under which the work needs to be done are safe for it be done.

The measurements which need to be taken will be determined by the details recorded in the vessel details of the vessel specific precautions.

So, let's get on with looking at these measurements then! The measurements details section provides two ways to add measurement types to the vessel in question: 
1/. Add Custom Measurement - this option adds a concentration type measurement as default. Once added, the type is customised by selecting the relevant option in the drop-down of the Unit Type field. 
2/. Automatically Add Measurement - this option adds measurement types automatically, based on what check options selected in the vessels details section. Sometimes, the Concentration measurement type is also added as default. If this is not required, simply remove it, using the CLOSE button.