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Incident Tab

In OHS Online, what do I do once the incident details have been entered into the Incident tab?

A good question! We've entered all the details of the incident and now we need to submit these so that they are updated to the relevant profile on OHS Online! Before we can do this though, we need to check that the details entered in the Incident tab have been entered correctly so that they update correctly to the profile in OHS Online.

To check that the details are correct, click on the CHECK TAB DETAILS button. The system will then check through the details in the tab to see if they are okay. If they are correct, a tick will appear in the CHECK TAB DETAILS button, confirming this to the user:

At the same time, the GENERATE NEW INCIDENT button will change from an inactive status to an active status, allowing the incident details of the tab to be uploaded to the relevant profile in OHS Online. If the checking of the details is all okay, then click on the GENERATE NEW INCIDENT button to update the incident details on OHS Online.