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Confined Tab

In OHS Online, why is the vessel specific precautions section important in the Confined tab ?

This is a great question and a really important one too! The vessel specific precautions section is important because it becomes an important factor when more complex work needs to be done and new hazards and safety precautions need to be reviewed to account for this.

The vessel specific precautions apply to two tabs in the Permit to Work (PTW): 

1/. Hot Work - where vessels, tanks or piping might be worked on. 
2/. Confined - where vessels, tanks or piping might be worked on but which also require working within.

In both cases, these situations potentially contain or did contain contents which could be hazardous in nature (flammable, explosive, acidic, oxidising, toxic, asphyxiating, etc). The contents may also be under pressure or at high or low temperatures. These are new and more complex hazards which need to be examined (in addition to the standard hazards being reviewed) for the work being done and further relevant safety precautions need to be put into place for these. This is what the vessels precautions section does.