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Eqmt Isolation Tab

What are the basic components of the EQMT (Equipment) Isolation tab, in OHS Online?

Absolutely, let's take a look at isolation processes in a bit more depth! Okay, so let's get going! All equipment (and installation) processes, whether they are electrical or mechanical or include both, which are required to be isolated in order for the work being done to be safe, are managed in the EQMT Isolation tab (section 7). This tab consists of four parts:

1. Work Environment section - this section identifies the type of isolation required for the work being done. 
2. Risk Assessment Reference section - this section references any applicable tasks concerning the isolation of installations, equipment or machinery. 
3. Equipment Isolation Details section - this section pays particular attention to equipment isolation requirements, checks and controls. 
4. Precautionary Safety Measures section - this section allows suitable and relevant safety measures to be identified to ensure proper isolation controls are in place for the work being done. 
5. Contractor Confirmation section - this section allows the contractor (Permit Requester) to confirm the identified safety measures for any isolation work are in place before work begins and for the client (Permit Issuer) to concur that they are in place.