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Environmental Tab

What are the basic components of the Environmental tab, in OHS Online?

Great stuff, we're almost done with the first mandatory tabs in our PTW! That's great news! Okay, so now that the risk assessment and PPE aspects of the PTW have been completed, the last part of the mandatory set-up tabs to complete is the environmental checks. These are done in the Environmental tab (section 5). This tab consists of four parts:

1. Work Environment section - this section identifies the work environment and what effect the work being done could have on the environment. 
2. Risk Assessment Reference section - this section references any applicable tasks concerning the environment. 
3. Precautionary Safety Measures section - this section allows suitable and relevant safety measures to be identified to control any risks the work being done may present. 
4. Contractor Confirmation section - this section allows the contractor (Permit Requester) to confirm the identified safety measures are in place before work begins and for the client (Permit Issuer) to concur that they are in place.

In this way, the Environmental tab is used to identify potential environmental hazards and then determine relevant safety precautions which need to be in place to ensure these hazards are controlled while the work is being done by the contractor.