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Induction Tab

What are the basic components of the Induction tab, in OHS Online?

Yep, let's take a look at things in a bit more depth! Okay, so let's go! The Induction tab is made up of three parts; the site induction section, the induction training register and the trainer details section. Together, these sections cover the induction training of contractor employees working on-site:

Part 1: Site Induction - this contains a series of check options relating to important site aspects which contractor employees need to be aware of whilst they work on the client's site. Part 2: Induction Training Register - this allows the names of contractor employees, who require induction training, to be added to the register. There is also a training acknowledgement, which binds the contractor employees to the training and to abiding by the details given in the training. 
Part 3: Trainer Details - this allows the details of the trainer(s), who conduct the training to be added and recorded.