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Work Permit Tab

What are the basic components of the Work Permit tab, in OHS Online?

Great stuff, now we're looking at things in a bit more depth! That's really cool! Okay, so let's get on with it! The Work Permit tab is made up of three parts; the contractor selection, section 1 and section 2. This aim of this tab is to select the contractor who will be doing the work (and who is being controlled), to set-up the main format of the PTW and to complete the main administrative requirements of the PTW:

Part 1: Contractor Selection - this contains the following main points: 
1. Choosing the type of contractor (external or internal) 
2. Selecting or adding the contractor 

Part 2: Section 1: Work Permit Details - this contains the following main points: 
1. General Permit Details - general contractor and PTW details 
2. Client Specification Requirements for Contractor - specific activities of the contractor are set-up here 

Part 3: Section 2: Administration - this contains the following main points: 
1. Important PTW Administrative Details - contractor contact details, Workmen's Compensation details, Letter of Good Standing, Section 37.2 letter and main contact details of contractor site supervisor