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Risk Assessment Tab

What are the important differences between the risk assessment in the Permit to Work (PTW) and the normal risk assessment in OHS Online?

That's a really good question! Although the PTW risk assessment uses the same mechanism as the standard OHS Online risk assessment, there are a few important differences between the two:

1. The length of time - taking reviews aside, the PTW risk assessment covers the period for which the PTW is valid, whereas the standard risk assessment usually covers a period of a year. 
2. Stand-alone - the PTW risk assessment is entirely separate to standard OHS Online risk assessment, so when the risk assessment is conducted for the PTW, none of the data or details will affect or influence the standard risk assessment in the client's profile in OHS Online. This also applies to the printing of the PTW risk assessment, which will only print the details it displays. 
3. Linking feature - the PTW tasks in the PTW risk assessment include a feature which allows tasks to be referenced to different PTW tabs. This function is not relevant to the standard risk assessment in OHS Online and so, it will not be displayed there.