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What are the main aspects of the Permit to Work (PTW) system, as it is used in OHS Online?

Ah yes, the PTW can be quite intimidating to do, particularly if the work being done is complex in nature! The PTW system in OHS Online, is designed to keep the PTW as simple as possible, so let's try and simplify that process a bit, so it's easier to understand. The PTW system has essentially five main stages to complete a basic PTW. These are briefly described in the diagram below:

These five stages can be shown in the same way, showing the order to be followed of the different tabs in the electronic PTW system. The diagram below shows this in the following way:

This register is importance for you because the OHS Act requires certain types of health and safety training (usually mandatory training) to be provided by accredited service providers, to ensure the quality and standard of the training is at a certain level. MAKROSAFE is an accredited training provider for most of these mandatory health and safety training courses, so OHS Online provides a quick and easy means for you to be able to access these training records.