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When I work in the Permit to Work (PTW) in OHS Online, why is it important for me to refresh the PTW regularly?

That's a really great question! The main reason for doing this is to refresh the PTW webpages so that they display the updated data inputted into the PTW. If the PTW is not refreshed regularly, data may not display the updated changes correctly.

It is important to remember, the tabs showing the PTW details are really webpages. They are what is known as static webpages, meaning they do not change data they show automatically. When you enter data in a specific tab in the PTW and you click on the SAVE button, you save the data that you have just inputted into the database in OHS Online. If you then click on another tab to see if the data reflects, you'll see no change. There's an important reason for this! The data is in the database but it can't show yet because the webpage is static and hasn't been refreshed to reflect the change. To show the new data in the webpage, you need to refresh this first.

To refresh the page, simply click on the Refresh icon at the top left of your webpage: