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Work Permit Tab

Where else does the Description of Work field, in the General Permit details, display in the Permit to Work (PTW), in OHS Online?

Ahh, yes, let's see where this field repeats in the PTW! As mentioned earlier, the Description of Work field is important because it displays in later parts of the PTW. In most cases, this field will be repeated at the top of future PTW tabs, where it is displayed as a reference for the tab section to remind the user of what work is being conducted in the PTW. For simple work this might seem unnecessary, however, for more complex work it saves the user time having to refer back and forth between tabs:

This field is repeated in the following tabs of the PTW: 

1. Risk Assessment tab (section 3) 
2. PPE tab (section 4) 
3. Environmental tab (section 5) 
4. Hot Work tab (section 6) 
5. EQMT Isolation tab (section 7) 
6. WAH tab (section 8) 
7. Excavation tab (section 9) 
8. Confined tab (section 10) 
9. Asbestos tab (section 11) 
10. Cold Work tab (section 12) 
11. Incident tab (section 14) 
12. Approve tab (sections 15 & 16)