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Risk Assessment Tab

Why do I link a task to a Permit to Work (PTW) tab in the Risk Assessment tab and how do I do this, in OHS Online?

That's a good question! So, let's get on and explain the first part in a bit more detail. The reason why you link a task to a specific PTW tab is so that when you're working in that PTW tab, the task displays automatically, giving you reference directly to your risk assessment when you're determining the hazards and safety precautions which need to be in place for the work being done. The display of the task(s) in the specific PTW tab, make referencing easier and saves time on having to move back and forth between the risk assessment tab and the tab you're working in.

Great stuff, now let's look at the second part! This is very quick and easy to do and the best way to explain it is by using an example. Let's say we have a contractor coming on-site who will be painting areas of our building. One of the tasks identified is 'Conducting Painting Duties at Heights'. This has been evaluated and now needs to be linked to the relevant specific PTW tab, which in this case is the WAH tab, because the painting is being conducted at heights.

In your task inventory, in the Risk Assessment tab, we first need to locate the task in question. Once that's done, locate the PTW Tab column in the task:

Once the PTW tab is refreshed, the linked task will display in the PTW tab. Any task in the risk assessment can be assigned to a PTW tab in this way. It is important to note that a task can only be assigned to one particular tab, so when deciding where it should go, choose the tab most closely related to what the task is doing.