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Why is the Permit to Work (PTW) system in OHS Online split up into tabs and what are these tabs?

A good question! A PTW can be very straightforward in nature or it can be very complex in nature, depending on the type of scenario involved. In order to allow the relevant scenarios to be covered, the PTW has been broken down into sections, with each section dealing with a specific aspect of the PTW. This creates a methodical and orderly approach to completing the PTW, allowing the user to focus on a particular aspect first before moving on to the next one.

The different tabs in the PTW are shown in the image below:

Each of the tabs in the PTW have different requirements attached to them. These are described below: 

1. Work Permit (sections 1&2) - mandatory tab 
2. Risk Assessment (section 3) - mandatory tab 
3. PPE (section 4) - mandatory tab 
4. Environmental (section 5) - mandatory tab 
5. Hot Work (section 6) - specific activity tab (optional) 
6. Eqmt Isolation (section 7) - specific activity tab (optional) 
7. WAH (section 8) - specific activity tab (optional) 
8. Excavation (section 9) - specific activity tab (optional) 
9. Confined (section 10) - specific activity tab (optional) 
10. Asbestos (sections 11) - specific activity tab (optional) 
11. Cold Work (sections 12) - specific activity tab (optional) 
12. Induction (sections 13) - mandatory tab 
13. Incident (sections 14) - mandatory tab (specific scenario) 
14. Approve (sections 15&16) - mandatory tab 
15. Log - reference tab

Mandatory tabs - these are tabs which need to be completed regardless of the type of PTW being created.
Specific Activity tabs - these are tabs which need to be completed when a specific type of work is being carried out.