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Work Permit Tab

Why is the Permit Requester field in the General Permit details an important field, in OHS Online?

Ahh, you spotted the Permit Requester field has been marked as important! Yes, you're right, this field is important because this field contains the name of the Permit Requester. The name in this field will be repeated throughout the PTW, in the confirmation sections of the PTW, again, saving time having to repeatedly complete the name later on:

This field is repeated in the following tabs of the PTW: 

1. PPE tab (section 4) 
2. Environmental tab (section 5) 
3. Hot Work tab (section 6) 
4. EQMT Isolation tab (section 7) 
5. WAH tab (section 8) 
6. Excavation tab (section 9) 
7. Confined tab (section 10) 
8. Asbestos tab (section 11) 
9. Cold Work tab (section 12) 
10. Incident tab (section 14) 
11. Approve tab (sections 15 & 16)